So you spend all your money on food this year and forgot to save for the summer? It’s all right, there are many solutions. You won’t be going to Coachella for sure, but believe me there are some cheap and awesome festivals out there. We are blessed with low-cost flight companies all around Europe and I am going to give you some extra tips to manage your expenses. Read carefully.


First of all, have a look at the list of some of the cheapest festivals that you’ll find in Europe  :


   •   OFF FESTIVAL – POLAND / 04.05.06 August 2017 

Price: 55£ for a 3 days pass  –  Line-up in three words: Feist / Jessy Lanza / Swans

-> check out their website

•   VICTORIOUS FESTIVAL – PORTSMOUTH (UK) / 25.26.27 August 2017 

Price: 67£ for a 3 days pass  – Line up in three words: Franz Ferdinand / Rita Ora / Madness

-> check out their website


Price: 120£ for a 5 days pass – Line up in three words: Rag’n’Bone man / Hardwell / Jamie Jones

-> check out their website


Price: 114£ for 4 days pass – Line up in three words: Chinese Man – Jain – Nina Kraviz

-> check ou their website  (this one is my very first and for ever beloved festival)

•    VOLT FESTIVAL – HUNGARY / June 01 July 2017

Price: 115£ for a 4 days pass – Line up in three words: Martin Garrix / Elie Goulding / The Cult

-> check out their website

•   BILBAO BBK LIVE – SPAIN / 6.7.8 July 2017

Price: 121£ for a 3 days pass – Line up in three words: Justice – Phoenix – Die Antwoord

-> check out their website


Then, let’s have a look at some cheap flight companies in Europe… 

If you’re not lucky enough to travel by train to your destination, you will be forced to take the plane. Don’t panic! There are plenty of low-cost companies all over Europe. Have a look at this list and peacefully start budgeting your summer trip.

Flying from/to…

ENGLAND : Easy Jet – Flybe – Jet2 – Monarch Airlines – Ryanair

FRANCE : French Blue – Transavia – HOP !

GERMANY : Eurowings

HUNGARY : Wizzair



SPAIN : Iberia express – Volotea – Vueling


Finally, some extra tips. 

Avoid bringing your smartphone with you. There are too many chances that it will be stolen, no matter how careful you are. Instead, prefer the old ugly Samsung from 2009, hidden in your closet, that is still working for some mysterious reason. Yes, I hear you. What about the videos, pictures and memories? Well if you can’t afford to buy a new phone, don’t take the risk and bring a good old fashioned disposable camera.

Avoid bringing new and fragile clothes. You’ll ruin them for sure. Festivals are unpredictable and as you can read in the Testimonies article, mud fights are very likely to happen right in front of you.

Prepare the food, alcohol (whatever you need) budget in advance. It is obviously better for your safety but also for your wallet.

Keep your money with you at all times. Nope, not in the tent. A tent is unfortunately too easy to open and no matter how friendly the camping people seem, some of them are total creeps.


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