More than a concept, KaZantip festival is known as an independent republic and often referred as the new ‘Woodstock’ of Eastern Europe. This one-month festival, located in the city of Anaklia (Georgia), offers a 100.000m2 complex of bars, dance floors, lounges and X sports playgrounds that will leave you breathless. So, what makes kaZantip the craziest festival in the world ?


It has a constitution – and a government.

Anyone willing to attend KaZantip festival and become a member of the community (a paradiZer) must read the Constitution. The twelve articles composing it define the code of conduct and the basic principles of this ‘happiness’ community. The festival is ruled by a queen, a foreign minister and other ministers such as the ones of love, dance and rave, intellect, visuals and illusions and much more . The community has an official anthem (that actually changes every year), a criminal code and fetish symbols such as the letter ‘Z’ or orange and black colors.


There is no line-up

Nope, no line-up. Artists and DJ are often announced the day before, sometimes on the same day or even just a few minutes before they go on stage. You’ll have to get used to it because that’s the way things work in KaZantip. Though, KaZantip is renowned to host the best dancers, DJs and live performers in the world so you can be sure one of your favorite artist will be there.



It hosts beauty competitions on a weekly basis.

In KaZantip, pretty girls get the chance to be elected as a beauty queen and rule for a week. The lucky one will have to form her own court, composed by a prince and three other princesses. What are the advantages ? She will get great privileges within the site for a week and more importantly…  free drinks.


It hosts extreme sports events.

There is a huge park dedicated to X sports and X entertainment that you can enjoy whether you’re a pro, an amateur or just curious. Check out the video below if you want to have a look at the facilities.


It hosts weddings

It is on the love bridge at twilight that you will be able to marry this stranger you just fell in love with, your boy(girl)friend, your husband/wife, your best friend, anyone, anytime. Many spectators will come to watch you and your partner walk along the ‘happiness path’ and fix your love lock on the bridge together. It is crazy I know, but it sounds fun. No formal outfit needed, the more eye-catching you are, the best your celebration will be.


It allows nudity

Nobody will blame you for walking around with the bare minimum. Elephant thongs, transparent thongs, Brazilian thongs, any thong and a pair of flip-flops is the common and advised outfit in KaZantip. The community glorifies human beauty so don’t be afraid to show a little more than the usual, it will be appreciated.


So you’ve well understood, this festival will leave a mark on you for ever. Leave the ‘imperfect world’ to dance naked on the beach, live from day to day, listen to music, celebrate human beauty, have sex and well, just get married if you want to. Are you tempted ? Go check out their website and the video right below.



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