People chose a festival for its line-up, you would tell me. I totally agree, but who would not want to enjoy a stunning view when listening to their favorite band? I have selected for you the Top 5 of European festivals with an amazing setting. Again, it is a personal selection and I’d be more than happy if you have other suggestions to make. Who knows, you might make me change my mind!


T O P  5 :

F E S T I V A L S  W I T H  A N  A M A Z I N G  S E T T I N G


1  –  M E A D O W S  I N  T H E  M O U N T A I N S  –  B U L G A R I A

9th – 11th of June 2017

Meadows in the Mountains will take you to another dimension. Its experimental music, art and location – in the secretive Bulgarian Rhodope Mountains – will make you feel like a hippie in a magical world just the time of a week-end. I would love to go there and will write an article about my experience if I manage to go. Wait for it ! In the meantime, watch and enjoy this video (available here) to give you a taste of the dream festival.

Meadows in the Mountains 2015 from Gallivant Film on Vimeo.


2  –  S E C R E T  S O L S T I C E  –  I C E L A N D

16th – 18th of June 2017

The line-up of Secret Solstice is often (well, pretty much always) incredibly cool. Even the most grumpy people in the world would enjoy this festival simply because there are so many awesome activities to do there. You can party in a glacier, in hot baths, enjoy breath-taking landscapes just a few kilometer away from the site and above all my friends, see the midnight sun. I won’t tell you more and let you watch this piece of art (available here).


3  –  T R AE N A  F E S T I V A L  –  N O R W A Y

6th – 9th of July 2017

If you go to Træna, you should expect to camp in the wilderness nearby the sea, dance all night in a huge cave done up as a stage (the Kirkhellenren) , eat fresh fish (Træna is a fishing village) and wake up with majestic sea eagles above your head. It is an exclusive and very unique experience that you will live on a small island, far from home and close to people (very close actually, cause it will be cold). Go check it out, it looks fantastic.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(photo credits: Kenneth Solfjeld, 2012)


4  –  E D G E  O F  T H E  L A K E  –  S W I T Z E R L A N D

30th of June – 2nd of July 2017

Edge of the Lake or ‘Week end au bord de l’eau’  takes place by the lake of Geronde in Sierre (Swiss Alps). This week end is all about chill, music and friends in one of the most beautiful area of Switzerland. During daytime, enjoy the Lake Life and try the stand-up paddle, some canoe-kayak, Tuk Tuk Flamingo rides or play the Petanque. In terms of food, you will find a range of different stalls offering international food such as the good old Raclette, Indian food, Portuguese food, homemade waffles and much more.


5  –  E X I T  –  S E R B I A

5th – 9th of July 2017

Want to party in an 18th century fortress build along the Danube river ? Exit is an award-winning festival, with a dozens of scenes and dance floors where you’ll have the pleasure to hear some of the biggest DJs in the World. This festival is perfect for musically open-minded people; this year’s line-up announces Rag’n’Bone Man, Lost Frequencies, Jamie Jones, Robin Shulz and plenty more. What I like about this festival is its history. It began in 2000 as a student protest against the government and is still quite committed today.



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