There are some rules one must know and respect when attending a festival. These few principles are the key to a successful, unforgettable experience. You’ll see, it’s very simple to be smart.


R U L E  N ° 1 :  Stay with your friends

Even if you are not going to Tomorrow Land, Coachella or huge festivals like these, you will be very likely to find yourself in a huge crowd filled with crazy party people dancing, shouting, and jumping anyway. You will probably be having the time of your life but try to check, from time to time, if you’re friends are still around. Festival locations are often in isolated locations where data is rare. Once you lose them, you’re destined to a great solitude.


R U L E  N ° 2 : Protect yourself from the sun

European summers can reach temperatures up to 40°C with no wind, no humidity and no hope. If you don’t want to be a dehydrated lobster, put sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap on whenever you’re outside. If you chose to camp, don’t hesitate to spread a sheet or a tarp in the air above your tent to get some freshness when the sun rises.


R U L E  N ° 3 : Make sure to get enough sleep

I know I sound like your mother, but seriously getting enough sleep is IMPORTANT. You want to make the most of your experience and being a zombie after the first day is such a shame. We are young, but five hours of sleep per night is a must.


R U L E  N ° 4 : Drink water

Beer might be your faithful and beloved companion but you must let it go sometimes and stick to the good old water bottle. Despite all the benefits the booze brings, it contains alcohol and will dehydrate your body very fast. Especially in high temperatures, try to drink water as much as possible during the day and keep some with you during concerts. I would advise you to get a Camel Back of 1 to 2 litters and fill it up with fresh and clean water. Camel Backs are often filled with alcohol and it’s fine but make sure that at least one person of your group has a water camel back so he/she can save you all.


R U L E  N ° 5 : Don’t go over your limits

It is important to be careful with alcohol, drugs or whatever you’re taking. You’re not at home with a comfortable bed waiting for you and appropriate medical care if needed. Many people will get too much and won’t be able to handle it. You don’t want to end up in a crowded tent, not able to stand up and missing the artist you’ve been waiting for all year-long. It’s really easy to get carried away so I would advise you to prepare the quantities in advance (whatever it is you are taking), and don’t go over this limit.



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