There are a lot of electro music festivals taking place in Europe this summer and choosing the right one can quickly become a hassle. Don’t worry, once again I dedicate myself to helping you. Don’t get lost into endless lists of events going on this summer, this article gathers all the best of electro, techno, house and deep house music festivals. If you still hesitate, listen to the sound cloud playlist of the some of the DJs. Of course, it is a personal selection and I am sure some events I haven’t mentioned are worth going to. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. 


T O P  5  :

E L E C T R O  M U S I C  F E S T I V A L S 


1 – A W A K E N I N G S

24th – 25th of June 2017

Awakenings is a techno festival mostly based in Amsterdam, Netherlands but has recently organized events in Belgium, the UK and New York City. It takes place at several times of the year. They are hosting la crème de la crème of techno DJs since 2001. This June will be a two-day madness on EIGHT stages where you will find the pioneers of techno such as Adam Beyer or Nina Kraviz as well as very promising beginners.

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2 – T I M E W A R P

1st of April 2017

Timewarp is THE reference for techno and underground music listeners. Since 1994, the biggest and most famous DJs of the world are gathering in Mannheim, Germany. Be careful, the line up is exceptional every year and tickets are selling fast. While you are in Germany, why don’t you take a road trip with your friends to discover the coolest underground venues in Berlin or Leipzig?

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3 – D G T L  A M S T E R D A M

15th – 16th of April 2017

DGTL Amsterdam is not only a festival but also a concept, trying to raise festival’s standards as much as possible. This year, the festival will take place in April, a bit early for summer you’d tell me, but it felt necessary to tell you about this one. It combines good electronic music with great art projects, exhibitions and healthy food. DGTL is extremely concerned with the environmental and societal impact of their festivals. They focus on developing new technologies for a more sustainable event, calling for local participation or promoting vegetarian food. Its unique and human commitment makes this festival an incredible and unforgettable life experience.

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4 – S O N A R  B A R C E L O N A

15th – 17th of July 2017

If you like techno or electro you must have heard about Sonar Barcelona. It takes place in June, in one of the coolest Spanish city in the world, Barcelona. Wether you’re into techno, electro, minimal, house, deep house, tech house, anything, you’ll find what you are looking for. To me, Sonar is within the Top 5 electro festivals in the world. What are you waiting for?

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5 – I N T O  T H E  V A L L E Y  /  I N T O  T H E  F A C T O R Y

29th of June – 1st of July 2017  /  10th – 12th of August 2017 

These festivals are part of a brand new concept coming from Sweden. If you like dancing and raving in isolated industrial locations, this festival is for you. This year, Into the Valley will take place in the heart of Rummu quary, Estonia. This place used to be a prison back in the 30s and has now been transformed into a photo shooting and sport area. Into the factory is happening in august in the industrial site of Stora Vika, a few kilometers from Stockholm, Sweden. This festival is totally new but very promising, offering the opportunity to enjoy excellent electro music in exclusive and isolated venues all around Europe. If you are ready to go further, ‘Into the castle’ is happening in Africa soon.

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Do you want to know more about it ? Listen to the sound cloud playlists of the one who made me discover electro music in London !


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