You’ll often hear that festivals are all about fun, good music, friends, amazing memories and to be honest, it is true. But there’s also a part of survival in festivals and I thought it would be nice for you to read some testimonies of experienced festival-goers. Enjoy.


Adrian, 21

” I went to my first festival when I was 15. I still lived with my parents back then and this was the first time I could taste real freedom. What marked me the most was my arrival on the camping site. It was 11am, I had spend 3 hours in my cousin’s car with his friends smoking and listening to hard rock all the way long. They were older than me and I thought ‘ok these guys are the craziest’. Actually, I had seen nothing. Once our tent was set, our ‘neighbours’ came to see us with, no kidding, twenty or thirty beers in plastics bags to welcome us ‘properly’ they said. This is the moment I realized festivals were going to be my favourite thing in the world.

Cécile, 20

” There are a few things that you have to know before going to your first festival. Concerning the showers, you have to be aware that there are strategic hours because most of the time really, I ended up having to wait 30 minutes in the sun. But the best part was that the water was ice-cold. It was a funny experience because you could hear a few people singing “it’s warm, it’s warm” to convince themselves it was actually warm. At one point I lost all my friends and when you are surrounded by 100,000 people it is near to impossible to find them. So I had to survive the rest of the night alone. But, you know, when you have good music, everything is wonderful.

Watermelons are life.”



Michael, 18

” I went to a festival but I did not camp, I took a room with my boyfriend and my best friend in the closest hotel we found. What I remember the most of this festival is this extraordinary atmosphere. Seriously, I’ve never felt so close and so bound to complete strangers. I did not stop dancing for a second and I can definitely say it was one of the best moments in my entire life.”


Laetitia, 23

” It was my first time at a festival, and I was really excited to see all the different artists my friends and I had been listening to for the past months. We were greeted by pouring rain, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our day before the concerts, getting pretty drunk. Wearing our rain coats and boots, we eventually headed to the festival itself, and waited for one of the artists we had come for, Metronomy. Music finally started to play, and to my dismay, the crowd started going crazy and I was lucky enough to discover pogos. Slightly (very) easily oppressed by small places and large crowds, I ignored the concert and tried to escape this hell hole as fast as possible. I ended up listening to the concert from the bar stand, still in the pouring rain and pretty much missed the best parts of the show.”



Jeanne, 21

” It started as a nice, sunny and beautiful day. People were tanning outside while complete strangers were trying to spray water on you without permission. Of course, the trash’s’ smell and the brown dust under your nails were here to remind you it was not a fairy-tale, but after all who cares. I also remember feeling my make-up dripping all over my face as I was sweating a lot. Bear in mind that nobody will judge you because there are naked men painted in pink and blue queuing for their eleventh beer behind you anyway. This is freedom. But unfortunately, the nice weather of July might sometimes disappear, to give way to incredible storms. Of course, I wasn’t expecting it, and took good care of only bringing my little brother’s canvas sneakers. I really started questioning my intelligence and my whole life as I was watching everybody wearing rain boots when I was here, walking barefoot in the mud. But hey, I survived and had a total blast this night. ”


Sophia, 24 

I still remember this crazy summer night. Rain was pouring, my best friends and I were struggling to pass through a huge mud fight some drunk guys had just started near the main scene. We gathered and hugged, seeking some warmth and then started to pray for the rain to stop (literally praying, you can’t imagine what the lack of sleep and a few beers can do to your body). During this never-ending wait, I decided to go to the toilets (which one could describe as hell on earth) with my best friend, who had an urge will to go. We had to queue for at least 15 minutes and it was too much for her at that time. As we frantically started laughing about this situation, she wet herself, and for a second, laughing with tears, I forgot all the cold, crap, dirt and crazy strangers around me. I will never forget that face of despair when she realized what she was actually doing. As weird as it seems, it was night one of the best and funniest night of my life. “


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